'Irish' Johnson


Name: Irish Johnson
Clan: Gangrel (Shepherd Bloodline)
Covenant: Carthian Movement


‘Irish’ Johnson is a hulking Gangrel of the Shepherd bloodline, and Thérèse’s second in command. Back in the 1920s, ‘Irish’ was a rabble rousing dock worker. His Sire admired Johnson’s drive and ability, but felt that his energy was misdirected and would ultimately harm the people he sought to help. His sire thought turning the young man and making him a slave to the vinculum would break the strikes he had organised. This did not end well for the elder vampire, to put it mildly.

Johnson still looks after what he sees as ‘his’ area, and ‘his’ people, which made him a natural fit for the Carthian movement. He does not tolerate drug dealers operating out of his area and as a consequence acts with barely veiled hostility around Vicks.

'Irish' Johnson

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